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Message from the President


It is a national policy for buying and selling solar power plants.
20-year stable income from fixed purchase system

The photovoltaic power generation business, which creates the value of electricity from the infinite energy of the sun and uses it as a source of income, is a promising environmental business with countless merits.
And now that everyone can enter this business by owning a site or an existing solar power plant, many companies are interested.
In response to the expansion and growth of the environmental business market, a secondary market has been formed in which solar power plants that are already in operation and sites suitable for installing power plants are distributed.
In order to contribute to the further development of the environmental business centered on solar power generation, Wajo Holdings operates the secondary market site "Tokutoku Farm" for the solar power generation business as a group business.
We connect people who want to sell and buy solar power generation business, and we are doing business matching so that everyone can become a win-win.

President Director

The popularity of high-yielding solar investment is unabated


At Toku Toku Farm, we also introduce finance according to the customer.

For low-voltage projects, we are a major affiliated credit company and can handle both new construction and secondary. High-voltage deals support cumbersome banking procedures. If you already own two low-voltage power plants, it may be difficult, or if you can't use a used power plant for credit sales, please contact the farm once. We will reply to you the next day at the earliest. (* For low-voltage credit)


Why solar power investment?

Various investment products such as stocks, investment trusts, FX, etc.

Since investment products have high risk and high return, they are not stable and it is more likely to take risks. Profitability forecast by FIT system of solar power generation (purchase of all), because the amount generated by solar power is sold to the electric power company, the electric power company purchases it at a fixed price that is higher than the normal electricity rate decided by the country regardless of the market conditions. increase.


Tax savings when buying and selling solar power


We are also focusing on tax measures

When a solar power generation facility is installed, in addition to the consumption tax at the time of installation, corporate tax, income tax, property tax (land, equipment), etc. will be newly incurred as tax burden. There are ways to reduce some of that tax. It is a consumption tax refund at the time of purchase.

One-stop from assessment to contract and monetization

Document application etc. can be handled on your behalf


There is no brokerage fee because everything from assessment to monetization is done in-house. In addition, personal information is protected because information is not leaked to other companies. The procedure up to monetization is smooth and quick.


Free tax support


The remaining profit is completely different due to tax measures. Leave it to the professionals of assessment and sale

If you don't know what kind of tax will be charged when you sell solar power, you may not have any money left. It depends on the individual and the corporation, but the farm is familiar with it.

Assessment amount UP

Panel cleaning, weeding, power generation check, accident history investigation report, etc. are all free

It is a service unique to Tokutoku Farm that aims to maximize the property value. In addition, we will investigate and certify free evaluation items that the buyer will be pleased with, such as thermography check by drone aerial photography and power generation amount check.


Construction guarantee


Since the buyer can rest assured, we can expect an increase in the sales closing rate.

Full maintenance of all properties, construction guarantee for troubles during the FIT period! Even after the sale is completed, we will provide a construction guarantee and take all possible measures to deal with any troubles, so please feel free to contact us.

Abundant achievements

Founded 30 years ago, more than 15,000 cases. A long-established company in the solar power generation business.

Wajo Holdings, which operates the Tokutoku Farm, not only buys and sells solar power generation, but also handles all business related to renewable energy such as maintenance, household solar power generation, self-consumption type, and civil engineering work in-house.


Company Profile

Company NameWAJO HOLDINGS Inc.
Head Office7F WeWork Midosuji Frontier 1-13-22 Sonezakichinchi Kita-ku Osaka City, Osaka 530-0002 Japan
TEL : +81 - 50 - 3176 - 2122 FAX : +81 - 50 - 3512 - 2103
President DirectorDaisuke Ishibashi
Date IncorporatedJuly 1993
CapitalJPY 50,000,000-(The whole group JPY 155,100,000-)
Company Code582560410(Teikoku Databank)
Main Business ActivitiesSales and construction of household and industrial electrical equipment
Self-consumption solar power generation
Zero carbon comprehensive support
Group Company
  • ECOPAL Inc.
  • JW Vietnam Inc.
Cooperating storescoop


1993 Founded as a housing equipment sales and construction company
2000 Moved office to Suita City, Osaka Prefecture
2004 Achieved a total floor heating of 50,000 m2 All-electric / solar power generation division established
2007 Incorporated as a store specializing in all-electric and solar power generation
2009 Moved office to Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture Moved office to Nishiyodogawa Ward, Osaka City
2010 Certified as a distributor of Daikin Industries, Ltd.
2011 Obtained ISO 14001 certification ・ Sales of household solar power generation and hot water supply equipment Osaka Headquarters
2014 Headquarters relocated to Jusohigashi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
2015 Tokutoku Shop NEO, a comprehensive information portal site for solar power generation, opens
2018 Established Ecopal Co., Ltd.
2019 Started overseas energy business and established agricultural corporation Wajo no Sato

Access Map

7F WeWork Midosuji Frontier 1-13-22 Sonezakichinchi Kita-ku Osaka City, Osaka 530-0002 Japan
TEL : +81 - 50 - 3176 - 2122 FAX : +81 - 50 - 3512 - 2103



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